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Our attorneys strategize your case and make the most persuasive arguments before the United States government.

If you are afraid to go back to your home country, you might be able to get asylum protection in the United States. To win your asylum case, you must show that you have been persecuted (or have a well-founded fear of persecution) on account of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. These are legal terms of art that have complicated meanings, so if you are thinking about applying for asylum, do make sure that you have experienced and strategic attorneys representing you. You should also know that asylum is discretionary, which means that the government does not have to grant asylum, even if you do meet the legal elements. It is important that your attorneys are confident and can argue your story persuasively.

Why are we the best asylum attorneys for you? Because we are:

  • Honest: We will tell you whether you have an asylum claim absolutely free, so you can decide whether asylum is right for you.
  • Experienced: We know how to navigate the law and make sure you fit within it. There are many laws that apply only in the Ninth Circuit, and those laws can help you win asylum.
  • Persuasive: We will tell your story in the most compelling light, increasing your chances of success.
  • Aggressive: We will fight for you until the end, ensuring that you get your desired results.

DON’T FORGET that you only have ONE CHANCE to seek asylum, so it is important that you have experienced attorneys representing you. Winning asylum can change your life, and our attorneys do their best to win.

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