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Can I start a Business as an Asylum Seeker?

If I’m seeking asylum in the USA without status can I legally start a business? Technically, there is no legal prohibition against an undocumented immigrant

Best Asylum Lawyers in California

5 Things to Know When Selecting The Best Asylum Lawyers In California It’s a tough process to navigate, but you don’t have to do it

Asylum Work Permit

How To Get An Asylum Work Permit

When will I get my asylum work permit?   Maximize your chances of obtaining an asylum work permit with the help of our expert immigration

asylum case stronger

What is a credible fear interview?

What is a credible fear interview and what to do if you are found to have a negative credible fear One of the first steps

3 Ways To Make Your Asylum Case Stronger

3 Ways To Make Your Asylum Case Stronger Are you interested in making your asylum case stronger? This blog discusses three ways to make your

Applying for asylum

Applying for Asylum – Affirmative Asylum and Defensive Asylum    Entering illegally could be when the person has entered the United States without authorization. For

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