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Asylum Work Permit

How To Get An Asylum Work Permit

When will I get my asylum work permit?   If you want to get a work permit you must wait 5 months after your asylum

asylum case stronger

What is a credible fear interview?

What is a credible fear interview and what to do if you are found to have a negative credible fear One of the first steps

3 Ways To Make Your Asylum Case Stronger

3 Ways To Make Your Asylum Case Stronger Are you interested in making your asylum case stronger? This blog discusses three ways to make your

Applying for asylum

Applying for Asylum – Affirmative Asylum and Defensive Asylum    Entering illegally could be when the person has entered the United States without authorization. For

What is Affirmative Asylum?

Affirmative Asylum Attorney Topic: What is affirmative asylum, and how does the process work?   The United States has been protecting those who flee persecution

How to File for Asylum Online

On November 9th, 2022 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)  announced that Form I-589, Application for Asylum and Withholding of Removal is now available to

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