How to Get a Green Card in the United States

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As immigration attorneys, people from all over the world often ask us,  “What’s the easiest way to get a green card?”  There are many ways to get a green card (lawful permanent residence) in the United States, and the best option for you will depend on your specific circumstances.  The best immigration attorneys in USA […]

How to Win Political Asylum in the United States

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Many foreigners are leaving their home countries due to persecution and coming to the United States to seek asylum.  The number of asylum applications is drastically increasing, and many applicants are seeking political asylum in the United States.  One benefit of applying for political asylum in the USA is that it allows the foreigner to […]

How to Pick the Best Immigration Marriage Lawyer in San Diego

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Did you fall in love with someone from another country?  We know starting a new life with someone can be overwhelming, and we do not want the green card process to be another burden.  Our immigration marriage lawyers help people from all over the world get green cards, and we want to share some information […]

How to Win Asylum in California with the Best Asylum Attorney

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Are you interested in learning how to pick the best asylum lawyer in San Diego?  We know it can be difficult choosing the best attorney for your asylum case, especially because you usually only have one chance at asylum and President Trump has made winning asylum more difficult through attempts at changing the asylum laws. […]