Wondering if your family can join you while you seek asylum in the U.S.? You’re not alone. Many people ask this question, and it’s crucial to get accurate, reliable information. As a leading asylum attorney for family unification, Santos Khoury Law Firm has the answers you need.

Why Choose Santos Khoury as Your Asylum Attorney for Family Unification
When it comes to reuniting families during the asylum process, having an experienced asylum attorney for family cases can make all the difference. Santos Khoury has successfully guided families through the intricacies of U.S. immigration law. Here’s why you can trust us:
  • Expertise in Family Unification: Our firm specializes in asylum and, particularly, family unification.
  • Global Success: We’ve helped countless families from around the globe reunite on U.S. soil.
  • Timely Results: Our proactive approach speeds up the asylum and family unification processes, which can be notoriously lengthy.

    What Does Family Unification in Asylum Cases Mean?
    Family unification is the legal process allowing you, as an asylum seeker or an asylee, to bring your immediate family members to the United States. This can be a vital support system during a challenging time.
    Who Qualifies for Family Unification?
    As your trusted asylum attorney for family cases, we guide you through the eligibility criteria:
    • Spouse: Your legally married partner.
    • Unmarried Children: Must be under the age of 21.

Steps for Family Unification: An Easy Guide by Your Asylum Attorney for Family Cases

Step 1: Establish Your Asylum Status
Before you can bring family members to the U.S., your asylum application must be either in process or approved.
Step 2: Filling Out Form I-730
Filling out forms may seem straightforward, but a single mistake can derail your family unification efforts. As experienced asylum attorneys for family cases, we ensure your forms are flawless.
Step 3: Submit Required Documents
Prepare to provide necessary documents that prove your relationship to each family member. These may include marriage or birth certificates.
Step 4: Interviews and Biometrics
Your family members will need to attend interviews and undergo biometric screenings. We’ll prep you and your family to make sure you know what to expect.
Step 5: Await Approval
Waiting can be the hardest part. As your asylum attorney for family unification, we keep you updated and may help expedite the process when possible.
Step 6: Welcome Your Family
Once approved, your family can finally join you in the U.S., making your challenging journey a bit easier to bear.

Take the Next Step: Consult with Santos Khoury, Your Asylum Attorney for Family Unification

Ready to reunite your family? Don’t navigate the complex process alone. Contact Santos Khoury, your go-to asylum attorney for family unification, to schedule a consultation today.
Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for informational purposes and should not be considered legal advice. For personalized legal guidance, consult an attorney.

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