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On November 9th, 2022 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)  announced that Form I-589, Application for Asylum and Withholding of Removal is now available to file online

Asylum Applications Now Available for Online Filing with USCIS

Step 1: Arrive in the uSA

In order to apply for asylum online you must first arrive in the United States. You must have a "legal entry" into the USA if you want to file online. This generally means you obtained a visa before entering the USA.

Step 2: Create USCIS Account

To file your asylum application online, Form I-589, you must first create a USCIS online account. USCIS provides a simple and secure way to submit your application and to track the status of your case. Please read below for detailed instructions.

Step 3: File online

The final step in filing your asylum application includes gathering and submitting your specific evidence. The most important things to remember are that you must file within one year of your last entry and must be eligible to apply.

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How to file your asylum application online

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How to File for Asylum Online

Go to USCIS and Click create an account.

Enter your email address and confirm your account through a verification email sent by USCIS.

Review the terms and conditions and click ‘Agree’.

Choose a password and choose where you want to receive your verification code.

Once you’ve created an account you’ll be taken to the home screen of USCIS, where you can see that there’s a place to select file a form online.

Please click “File a form online” were you’ll be taken to the drop-down menu where you will select Form I-589 asylum application and withholding of removal.

Next you will be taken through a series of guidelines and agreements followed by the “Warning signs”.

The warning signs have five categories demonstrating who is not eligible to file online.

If you fit into any of these categories, you cannot file online. If none of these categories apply to you, please fill in the box and continue.

Once you’ve answered the introduction questions, you’ll be brought to the sub sections of the online form I-589, application for asylum.

The first subsection is titled “getting started” and has questions about legal assistance and preparer information.

Next you will find questions about your contact information, when and where you were born, descriptions of yourself, where you live, your school history, your employment history, your immigration information and other information.

Next you will answer questions about your marital status, your children, your parents, and your siblings under your family subsection.

The following section makes up the core of the form I-589, application for asylum.

You must give the reasons why you are applying for asylum, if you’re part of any parties or groups affiliations, if you have any group affiliations, if you have any prior crimes or offenses in your application history.

Next will be the section where you can upload your evidence Such as your cover letter, written statement, specific claim of eligibility, personal and family identification documents, or documents on general country conditions and any criminal history documents.

It is important to know that there are file requirements for the documents that you upload when filing for asylum online. The documents must be in clear and readable, and they must be in JPEG or PDF format. They cannot be password encrypted and they need translations if they’re not in English. Each file must be 12 MB or smaller to be accepted by the online asylum filing system.

The final subsection includes additional information and then you will be prompted to review your entire application. Once you are done, you are ready to file for asylum online.

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