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Many foreigners are leaving their home countries due to persecution and coming to the United States to seek asylum. 

The number of asylum applications is drastically increasing, and many applicants are seeking political asylum in the United States.  One benefit of applying for political asylum in the USA is that it allows the foreigner to stay in the United States legally while their application is pending, and, if approved, the foreigner will be able to apply for legal permanent residence after one year.

Asylum is very complex, and having the best political asylum attorney represent you can significantly increase your chances of winning your asylum case.  While a good asylum attorney may be able to argue a decent case, the best political asylum attorneys in the USA will explain persuasively that you have possessed and expressed a legally cognizable political opinion, and that you have been persecuted (or have a well-founded fear of persecution) on account of that political opinion.

A common reason why political asylum applicants lose their case is that they fail to demonstrate the connection between their political opinion and their fear of persecution.  The best political asylum applications are ones where the attorneys clearly delineate the political opinion and provide a compelling story as to why the applicant fears persecution on account of his or her political opinion. 

Too many times applicants with strong cases have been denied political asylum because they have failed to demonstrate the required “nexus” (or connection).  This is why it is very important to hire a political asylum lawyer who will put forth the best arguments on your behalf.

Every asylum case is unique and the chances of success will depend on the specific facts of your case, how compelling your story is, and, whether or not you have persuaded the adjudicator. 

One very important thing to remember is that winning a political asylum case does not require that the applicant be involved in politics or the government.  In California and other states in the Ninth Circuit, political opinions are broad and cover a wide range of activities.  For example, freedom of speech and education or sexual orientation can qualify as political opinions.  Because political opinions can cover many activities and ideas, it is important to consult a political asylum attorney in the USA to determine your best options and how to win your asylum case. 

Santos Khoury, LLP, has political asylum attorneys who have put forth creative and complex arguments for applicants seeking political asylum, thereby increasing their chances of winning.  Our political asylum lawyers analyze your case thoroughly and work closely with you to determine how to prepare the best asylum application for you.  If you are interested in learning more about asylum, or believe that you may qualify, contact our political asylum attorneys in California for a FREE consultation. 


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